Enrollment Procedure

Prior to enrollment in the Cosmetology, Hair Stylist, Esthetics, or Nail Technology program the student must complete an Enrollment Application. The student should contact the Admissions Office when he/she decides to enroll in any one of the programs offered by the school. Enrollment will be accepted based on classroom seating availability up to one (1) week prior to the respective class start date.

Admission Requirements:
Cosmetology / Hair Stylist / Esthetics / Nail Technology Program

Male or female students who have a high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) Certificate, is a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, and are at least seventeen (17) years of age are eligible

Financial Aid

International Beauty School, can offer quality education at surprisingly affordable cost. However, many qualified students will need financial assistance in the form of Federal Aid in order to attend school. International Beauty School can offer extensive Federal Financial Aid to qualified students who deserve a post- secondary education but do not have adequate financial means to do so.

Students enrolling at The International Beauty School, may complete an application for Federal Financial Aid. A student’s financial aid package may include a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, and Federal Direct Loan.


These are funds made available to students by state and/or federal government. These funds do not have to be repaid. The amount of the grant depends upon your degree of financial need.


These funds are made available by state governments and/or the federal government and through private sources. These funds must be repaid.

Financial Need

Most Federal Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of financial need. Need is the difference between your cost of education (educational expenses such as tuition, room board, books, supplies and other expenses) and the amount you and your family are expected to contribute toward your education. A standard formula is used for all applicants to determine this amount, which is called the expected family contribution. If there is anything left over after subtracting the expected family contribution from your cost of education you are then considered to have financial need.

Records Needed

Before you complete your Application for Federal Aid (available at the school) you should have certain records on hand. Copies of your Federal Income Tax Return are probably the most important form you will need since you must use specific numbers from specific lines on your tax return to fill out this application. You will need to refer to your tax return, your parent’s tax return (if you are a dependent student) or your spouse’s tax return if you are married and your spouse filed a separate tax return.

International Beauty School Diploma

Upon completion of the International Beauty School Cosmetology, Hair Stylist, Esthetics, or Nail Technology program the student graduate receives a diploma as a certified document of his/her achievement.